Flowing Imagination,
Shaping Worlds

Dive into the heart of Rockwater Games, where ideas become realities and creative currents sculpt unforgettable gaming landscapes.

Building games for


Going Beyond

We are a diverse team of collaborators driven to exceed expectations. With backgrounds ranging from AAA games to industry award winners, our eclectic team blends veteran developers with emergent stars. As a creative studio, we know no bounds.

What We Do

Captivating Worlds

We build bridges between worlds, opening up immersive realities, rich with incredible detail. Strong enough to support global giants, every game we make is underpinned by our appetite to cross horizons, push boundaries, discover and learn.

What We Believe

Creativity Flows

From streams of consciousness to oceans of ideas, we believe that pooling the collective imagination of brilliant minds reveals a realm of limitless possibilities. Want to add to the mix?

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